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Simple and affordable licensing tailored to your business

Because it’s designed to be a customised solution, the price you pay for SAP Business One licenses will vary depending on your business needs. 

In 30 minutes, we’ll work out how many licenses you’ll need, and give you a transparent price estimate right there and then – as well as some estimates on how long it will take you to get things up and running. 

  • Simple licensing

    You don’t need any complicated modules or add-ons for SAP B1. Just an end-to-end platform, priced per user per month.

  • Flexible tiers

    There’s no need to pay full price for someone who doesn’t need full access. Choose from a number of limited license options.

  • Industry-leading support

    Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to work with you to make sure you can get the most out of your new system.

Get your custom pricing now

The easiest way to get your pricing is with a quick chat. All we need is your e-mail, and we’ll send you some available timeslots for a no-obligation chat on pricing. 

How is SAP Business One priced?

1. Software

SAP Business One is priced per user per month. Because it's an all-in-one platform, you'll get access to a complete system without complicated modules and add-ons.

There are also two types of license – 'Full' and 'Limited'. Limited users cost less, but can only access certain areas such as sales, finance or logistics.

2. Support

On top of your SAP Business One licensing, you'll need support for your system. This means that if you've got any issues, help is only a phone call or an e-mail away.

Support is calculated as a percentage of your licensing, and gives you direct access to an expert – so you know you're always making the most of your system.

3. Setup

As every business is different, you'll need a one-off setup to help you get up and running with SAP Business One.

The price will depend on how complex your business is, and what you need your system to do. We charge an hourly rate and have set people up in as little as 2 weeks before.

Our SAP success stories

Before they became a household name, Bulldog were struggling with duplicate data entry and time-consuming processes that were stopping them scaling-up. We helped them:

  • Increase sales by 30%
  • Reduce safety stock by 3.6%
  • Reduce supply chain hires despite massive business growth

Nene Storage had issues with poor visibility and inefficient processes causing a 2 week order backlog that was affecting their growth. After working with Thinc to set up SAP, they’ve now:

  • Gone from 2 weeks behind to 2 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Eliminated overtime pay
  • Increased turnover by 10%

Jubel Beer were running the business on a mess of disparate spreadsheets and systems and weren’t able to capitalise on their immense growth potential. Thanks to SAP, they’re now able to:

  • Create new products in minutes, instead of days
  • Increase team efficiency by 25%
  • Provide real-time information to stakeholders overseas

Why SAP Business One?

Your all-in-one business solution

SAP Business One is the number one ERP choice for SMEs looking to connect their business. If you feel like you're being held back by endless admin, spreadsheets and inefficient processes, B1 will help bring all the parts of your business together.

You'll get an easy-to-use interface that gives you complete control of your operations – from diving into data to automating admin. That gives you the power to work more efficiently, free up time and get accurate insights to inform your business strategy.

SAP business one diagram

Why Thinc?

500+ clients

Over 500 companies trust us to take care of their vital business systems – because we give each and every one of them all of the support they need. 

99% customer retention

We believe in building real, long-lasting relationships with our customers rather than just giving you quick fixes. That’s why they love staying with us year-on-year.

30+ years of SME experience

We’ve been helping SMEs to grow for over 30 years – so we’ve got experience of almost every imaginable scenario when it comes to using tech to scale your business.

Service excellence:
our approach

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We connect

Our priority is to learn who you are, how you work and the unique challenges you face.

We collaborate

We’ll work together to create completely tailored solutions built to your business’ exact needs.

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We’ll support you as you grow and help your business maximise its potential.

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