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SAP Business One

Take complete control over your business

With over 70,000 customers, SAP Business One is the number one ERP solution for SMEs. This gives you the confidence you’re investing in a tried and tested solution that’s built to last.
You can customise the perfect flexible solution that exactly suits your business needs with over 500 Integrations. You get the ability to integrate seamlessly to eCommerce, 3PL providers and other 3rd party apps.
A truly global solution, available in 28 Languages across 50 regions.

Your all-in-one business solution

Set yourself up to scale

Bring your whole business together and connect all your departments and processes.
SAP Business One is an end-to-end software package designed to help your business work as one. Ditch the spreadsheets and admin headaches, and work more efficiently from a single source of the truth.

Automate your admin

Automate tedious manual workflows to save time and cut down on human error.
As a business professional, you want to be spending your time doing what really matters, not mindless tedious admin. That’s why SAP Business One offers automations that will speed up your workflow, such as MRP to automatically create purchase orders based on demand or proactive credit control that communicates with customer to chase debt and improve cashflow.

Take control of your data

All the data you need in one easy place, empowering your employees to make informed decisions.
SAP Business One gives you a real-time database, with all the data you need right at your fingertips. Get to exactly the information you need in seconds, to make informed and accurate strategic decisions. Drill down into sales margin, understand costs, see how you’re performing against budget, all at the click of a button.

See SAP Business One in action

As an award-winning SAP partner, we've been recognised for our commitment to great customer service. Organise a tailored demonstration with one of our SAP-certified solution experts.

Your all-in-one business solution

When you’re working hard to grow your company, the last thing you want to feel is as though you're being held back. But endless admin, spreadsheets and disconnected processes may be getting in the way of you achieving your goals. That’s where SAP Business One comes in. 

  • The No.1 ERP choice to help SMEs connect their business.
  • Designed specifically for growing teams, with a user-friendly interface and automation to speed up your workflow. 
  • An easy one-stop solution to manage all your business operations in one place. 

Say goodbye to confusing and inefficient data silos, and hello to streamlined success. 

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Built to scale

You may be thinking, "Is SAP too big for us?" or "Is SAP too complicated?". We totally understand. But SAP Business One is not to be confused with the Enterprise SAP applications (Big SAP) like S4/HANA or ECC.

  • Can be implemented in as little as a few weeks.
  • Easy for you to use if you're a team of 3, or a team of 300 
  • Designed to grow with you, adding capability as and when you need it.

No matter where you are in your growth phase, SAP Business One is the smart choice for scale-ups.

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Fast and flexible

With the reliability and efficiency you’d expect from the best German engineering, SAP Business One will speed up your workflow, without sacrificing any flexibility. Using SAP Business One, our clients have: 

  • Gone from 2 weeks behind schedule, to 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Reduced production from weeks to days, and quotations from days to hours.
  • Implemented a system in weeks and integrated with industry-specific software.

Supercharge your workflow with a digital core that's built to be flexed. 

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Capability you can control

Powerful capability can often be overwhelming, but not with SAP Business One. You're in the driving seat, in complete control of your business.

  • Keep your customers close, from quote to cash, maximising profitability.
  • Optimise your purchasing and identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Take control of your operations with intelligent production, warehousing and MRP.

All of this is built on top of powerful base financials that you can use with pre-set country localisations when it's time for you to expand internationally.

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Future focused

Looking ahead? If you decide to opt for SAP Business One on HANA (Intelligent in memory database), its powerful Machine Learning tools will help you: 

  • Build advanced cashflow forecasting models.
  • Access advanced dashboards and KPIs.
  • Generate intelligent forecasts using statistical algorithms.

Stop being held back by your systems. With SAP Business One, the No.1 ERP for SMEs, you can fully realise your business ambitions. 

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SAP hosting with Thinc

Business One is the digital core of your business, so you don't want to be held back on how and where you can use it. Our SAP cloud hosting lets you take your existing applications and their data and move them onto our secure cloud servers, doing away with the need for on-premises hardware and giving you anytime access. By moving your systems to our cloud, you'll be able to:

  • Access Business One from any device, anywhere
  • Benefit from enterprise-grade infrastructure at a fraction of the cost
  • Customise and scale your hosting depending on your specific needs
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SAP Business One FAQs

SAP Business One includes a range of unique features to aid you in the running of your business. Tasks such as:

● Accounting and finance
● Purchasing and inventory
● Sales and customer relationships
● Reporting and analytics

SAP Business One can provide this through the inclusion of 15 working modules.

The SAP ERP is designed to cater to the needs of large organisations, with more complicated software requirements. SAP Business One supports smaller businesses and organisations with a more simplistic management platform.

One of the main benefits of using SAP Business One to manage the running of your organisation is that SAP will seamlessly blend with other software, allowing you to completely customise the inner workings of your online systems.

Offering a wide range of software options, and a full team of experts ready to assist you in your endeavours, Thinc is here to help you improve the efficiency of your business. Whether you’re in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, professional services, or non-profits, Thinc can offer a software solution to help improve the running of your business today.

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