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Microsoft 365

Empower your business to achieve more with a suite of integrated, user-friendly apps that take teamwork to the next level.

Unlock your business potential with the power of Microsoft 365


Complete productivity tools to level up your teamwork
With Microsoft 365 at the core of your company, your team will be able to work like never before – their cloud-based tools for communication, collaboration and storage will mean that everyone in the organisation is centred around one easy-to-use suite.

Professional services

We’ve got the experience you need for a seamless switch
Whether you’re moving over from legacy on-premise systems or other cloud-based collaboration systems such as Google Workspace, we’re here to help. Our certified experts have the experience of switching thousands of users over to 365, while making sure that the switch is as easy as possible for all employees.

An efficient solution

Everything you need – without paying for anything you don’t
Our expert Microsoft consultants will work closely with your business to figure exactly what you need. We’ll pick out the best solution to help your business to work more efficiently and make sure that you’re only buying the licenses for the functionality you need.

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Take control of your emails with Exchange and Outlook

  • Low maintenance, cloud-based solution
  • Strong security features
  • High availability with Microsoft's 99.99% uptime guarantee

With Exchange working as your server, and Outlook as your client, you’ll get the complete package for all of your email needs with a unified, cloud-based platform. And with Microsoft’s robust security and super-reliable servers, you don’t need to worry about ever losing access to your all-important emails.

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Clear communication across the whole company

  • Share your screen and collaborate on projects in real-time
  • Replace traditional telephone lines with crystal clear Teams audio calls
  • Instant messaging both inside and outside your organisation

To be able to collaborate and effectively work together, communication needs to be clear and instant – whether that’s over video, audio or chat. Microsoft Teams gives you all the tools you need for day-to-day communication your business needs, both internally and externally.

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Office tools

All of the classic apps you need to get work done

  • Easy access from anywhere, on any device
  • Automatic updates
  • Real-time document sharing and collaboration

The core Microsoft Office apps – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more – are the vital tools you need for everyday business. As a part of 365, it's super easy to share and work together on the same documents, no matter what device you’re using.

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Power BI

Turn your data into actionable insights

  • Quickly visualise your data
  • Bring together data from multiple sources
  • AI-powered predictive analytics

Data is what drives your business forward, but to make the most of it, you need to be able to easily break it down and visualise it. And with BI’s powerful AI analytics, you can easily find the facts you need to inform your business strategy.

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Create a single collaborative platform to power your work

  • Share information, content and files across your business
  • Boost productivity and quickly find exactly what you need
  • Migrate legacy on-premise file shares to the cloud

When you’re working, you don’t want to be wasting any time searching for the files you need. That’s why Microsoft SharePoint gives your company a single source of the truth, with easy access to one shared, cloud-based place for all of your company’s files.

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One easy place for all of your files

  • Store files securely in the cloud
  • Synchronise files across PC, Mac and mobile devices
  • Securely share files to collaborate with suppliers and customers

OneDrive gives you a single easy-to-manage cloud-based storage system where you can securely keep all your files and synchronise and share across different devices and team members.

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Control and protect all of your company devices

  • Apply policies to protect business data on all devices including iOS, Android, PC and Mac
  • Manage your inventory of mobile devices with Company Portal
  • Remotely wipe company data from lost or stolen devices

The many different devices that your employees use everyday to do work can also become major vulnerabilities if left unchecked. That’s why Microsoft Intune gives you complete control over all of these devices, allowing you to set specific policies to manage, protect and wipe data on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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