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In the manufacturing sector, there’s no shortage of challenges that come with running a successful business. From competition and globalization to a shortage of skilled workers and complex supply chains, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you. However, new technology has the power to help you overcome these challenges and take your business to new heights.

Sidestepping your competition

The pressure of competition is greater than ever, especially as more and more businesses turn to overseas markets. That’s why it's important to stay ahead of the game and maintain innovation and efficiency – even more so for smaller businesses with limited resources.

We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition, with software that speeds up delivery times, and surfaces data that allows you to make more effective decisions to keep costs down and improve profitability.

Manufacturing Technology

Supercharging your supply chain

With the manufacturing sector's increasing dependence on global supply chains, navigating these complex networks brings its own unique set of challenges. Disruptions can impact delivery times, quality, and overall efficiency – putting your business at risk.

With software to help you track large numbers of suppliers with big variances in lead time, you’ll be able to easily manage these complex supply chains – so you know you’re making the right decisions on who you source from and how long it will take.

Manufacturing Technology

Perfecting your planning

Effective material requirements planning (MRP) can be a challenge for many businesses in the manufacturing sector, particularly those with complex supply chains and fast-changing customer demands – and when it isn’t done right, you can end up missing deadlines and becoming less competitive.

Using advanced planning tools, we can help you better manage and optimize your production processes. That means you’ll be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency and on-time delivery – while still being able to quickly respond to changing customer demands.


Manufacturing Technology

Achieving more with the skills you have

Finding skilled workers in the manufacturing industry can be a struggle, particularly for the more specialised areas of your processes. This shortage of workers and the amount of time it takes to find and train new team members can seriously impact your productivity.

We’ll help you automate routine tasks to free up valuable time and resources for your employees to focus on higher-value activities. This can also help to reduce the need for some specialised skills, making it easier to find and retain employees.

Manufacturing Technology

Shop floor data capture and production visibility

Many businesses struggle to get a full picture into exactly what’s going on in their production processes with complete shop floor data. But without this, you may end up with inefficient processes and quality issues.

To help you tackle this, we can provide shop floor data capture systems that allow you to see your production in real-time – so you can improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and deliver ahead of schedule.

Manufacturing Technology

True traceability

Being able to track and trace items from their origin to their destination is critical for quality control and to make sure you comply with regulatory requirements. But when you’re doing all of this critical tracking with manual systems, it’s inevitable that some errors can start to slip in. These errors can result in product recalls, which can be costly for your company and damage your reputation.

We’ll give you real-time item traceability with software that can track items from the point of origin to their final destination. Both you and your customers get complete visibility, so you can quickly identify and resolve any issues – improving your product quality and reducing the risk of product recalls.

Manufacturing Technology

Consistent quality

We know that to stay ahead in business, you’ve got to be able to guarantee a consistently high quality. But when you’re heavily reliant on multiple suppliers and are needing to constantly innovate, it can be all too easy for the quality to start to dip. And when this happens, you can end up with unhappy customers, lost business, and damage to your brand’s reputation.

With the right business software, you can get a comprehensive approach to your quality control and easily maintain and monitor consistently high standards. You’ll also get all of the data you need to find out any areas for improvement in your production process.

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