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As a member of the not-for-profit sector, you’re aware of the vital role your organisation plays in supporting those in need, improving communities, and helping create a better world. However, with money often tight and resources stretched thin, it can be hard to achieve your goals – so you need to make sure everything’s running as efficiently as possible to make the impact you strive for.

Future-proof your fund management

Even when funds are received, managing them efficiently can be a challenge. Without the proper experience, knowledge, or tools, your organization may waste money on unnecessary expenses, miss opportunities to maximize resources or fail to comply with legal requirements and regulations.

We can help you gain better control of your funds by building the correct restrictions into your systems. This will make sure that funds that have been ring-fenced for certain types of activities aren’t used where they shouldn’t be.

Greater grant management

As a non-profit, you may rely on grants to fund your programs and services, but managing these grants can be a complex and time-consuming task.

Using the latest business systems, tailored for non-profit management, we can help you take back control of your grants – making sure you can get the right data to the right people at the right times. This means you’ll have the data and proof you need to increase the chances of raising more funding, plus, you’ll have the ability to easily see how your grants are performing.

Power up your project

When you’ve got a bunch of different projects to manage, keeping on top of them all can quickly start to cause a lot of problems. With limited staff and resources, it can be near impossible to make sure everything stays on track, on budget and on time. Poor project management can also lead to a lack of accountability and transparency, making it difficult to measure the impact of projects and figure out how to best use your funds.

We’ll help you keep track of your projects in one place, from start to finish, and generate up-to-date performance metrics like project actuals vs budget, milestone reporting and resource utilisation.

Repurpose your resources

Your organisation likely has limited resources when it comes to staff, time, and money. This means it can be hard to keep up with the challenges of day-to-day operations while still making the right impact. Often you don’t know whether your team is performing as effectively as they could, and if they’re not, you may end up unnecessarily hiring to fill in the gaps.

With the right systems backing up your non-profit, you’ll be able to repurpose valuable resource towards more strategic pursuits, automating the low-level admin so you can stay lean as you grow. Plus, with a team spending more time on the work that they enjoy, your employee satisfaction could go up – reducing employee churn and the associated cost of hiring.

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