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Keep your business one step ahead of cyber criminals – safeguarding your assets and helping you thrive.

Protect your business from cyber threats with endpoint protection

Our end-point protection solutions are designed to help you keep your business and users safe from cyber threats, no matter where your users are located. Legacy endpoint solutions have been replaced with cutting-edge security features and a proactive approach by combining security products as a managed service to your organisation. We have a range of modern solutions including endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, device management and threat hunting to keep you safe.
Everyone wants to prevent cyber threats affecting their organisations, so if an issue does arise, it’s vital that you have all the information you need to take decisive action. Integrated solutions allow you to quickly diagnose issues with joined up security solutions.
Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and we’re here to help you protect it. Our endpoint protection solutions provide robust data security for your systems and employees.

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Endpoint protection

Stay ahead of threats with real-time monitoring and rapid response

  • Advanced threat detection for proactive security
  • Real-time monitoring to identify suspicious activity
  • Operate as a stand-alone service, or supplement your existing IT team

Our intrusion detection and prevention capabilities empower you to identify and neutralise threats quickly – making sure your business remains secure.

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Endpoint detection and response

Powerful and automatic detection tools

  • Intelligent prioritisation of malicious and attacker activity
  • Powerful response actions to restore services quickly
  • Enable threat-hunting

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a security capability that allows you to continuously monitor system behaviours. It also analyses and blocks malicious activity and assists in remediation to restore services.


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Device control and management

Manage devices and data movement with suite of tools

  • Gain visibility of USB device usage
  • Prevent intentional and unintentional insider threats
  • Mitigate risks with policy enforcement

Device control enables policy enforcement and reporting of USB devices and their use within your organisation.

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Threat hunting

Proactive 24/7 searching for threats that may be otherwise undetected

  • Access a cross-disciplined team of intrusion analysts that have sophisticated attack expertise
  • Dig deeper to find hidden malicious actors that may have evaded initial endpoint defences
  • Leverage intelligence from global organisations

To stay safe from the latest threats, you need the very best on your side. That's why we give you access to a whole team of cybersecurity experts with extensive knowledge and experience across various disciplines.

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