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Empowering SMEs to seamlessly work across multiple entities – in the same country or globally

About Intercompany

Intercompany is built on SAP Business One – the number one ERP for small to mid-sized businesses. That means it’s built to perfectly integrate with the same platform you can use to run every aspect of your business, so no more diving in and out of apps and systems to get work done.

Consolidate data across all your trading entities

When you’re running multiple different businesses, the last thing you need is siloed data slowing things down. With our intercompany solution, you’ll get a platform that sits above all the trading aspects of these businesses and allows you to easily share the data between them – and because everything’s fully automated, you’ll reduce the manual effort required to keep everything running smoothly.

Simplify your finances

With multiple companies, especially when they’re spread across different countries, reporting can quickly become a major headache. That’s why our Intercompany solution gives you the power to produce financial and management reports across multiple entities with consideration for foreign exchange rates, eliminations and differing nominal structures.

Easy trading and transactions between companies

With our intercompany solution’s automation tools, you’ll be able to automate sales and purchasing transactions between your own organisations and massively reduce duplicate effort and human error. You can also easily share data across your companies such as customers, supplier and items – removing the need to manage data in multiple locations.

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Financial consolidation

Bring together all your finances in one easy place.

  • Real-time reporting across entire intercompany landscapes
  • Easily address complexities such as eliminations, foreign currencies and localisations
  • Visibility of debtor and creditor positions globally

Managing your financials and creating reports across multiple different companies is easier and quicker than ever with Intercompany. You can create reports in real time, even when you’re working internationally with foreign currencies and different localisations.

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Intercompany trading

Simplify trades and transactions between your companies.

  • Automation of sales and purchase transactions between organisations
  • Standardised business processes
  • Visibility of inventory across all intercompany warehouses

The amount of different transactions and processes that go on between your different companies can create a massive amount of work – and are prone to human error. That’s why Intercompany allows you to automate and standardise these processes to get a clear and reliable framework for how your business works, wherever you work.

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Sharing of common business data

Create a single source of the truth for your business.

  • Centralised management of all data
  • Multi-language and localisation support
  • Proactive notifications and alerts

To do business across multiple companies, whether that’s in one country or internationally, you need quick access to reliable data such as inventory, customers, suppliers and contacts. Intercompany gives you one clear place to store and manage all of the data for all of your companies and gives you proactive alerts across the whole business network when anything’s updated.

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Reporting capabilities

Take the hassle out of making reports.

  • Out-of-the-box suite of standard financial and business reports
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Secure database access to connect third-party apps

With Intercompany, you’ll get all of the tools you need to make reports as standard, but you can also easily integrate third-party applications and analytics and dashboard tools such as Microsoft Power BI to get even more out of your data.

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Strict controls to keep all of your businesses safe.

  • User specific access to functions
  • Limited visibility of sensitive data
  • Secure encrypted database structure

Intercompany is built on a super secure database to keep your sensitive business data secure. It also gives you the ability to lock down who can access specific functions and data within your company, so you know that nothing’s getting changed by mistake or seen by anyone you don’t want to.

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