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With a completely connected business, you’ll see productivity improvements of up to 40%.
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Using quality and near real-time data, you’ll generate reports like gross profitability in as little as 15 seconds.
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With over 18,000 users across the UK, Sage 200 is the popular choice for a reason.

All the power you need, in an easy-to-use package

Boost your efficiency

Streamline and speed up your workflow
Many Sage 200 users find that tasks that used to take hours or even days to complete are now getting done in minutes. With a totally integrated end-to-end ERP, you’ll be able to streamline your work, speed up your processing, and spend more time on the things that matter.

Give yourself a complete picture

See the full story of an order from start to finish
Customers asking for updates? Need to know what’s been done and what hasn’t? With Sage 200, you’ll get 3-way matching of your quotes, orders, and invoices for both sales and purchasing – so you can get a complete picture of what’s going on with your orders and provide a rock-solid audit trail.

A modular solution

Build the perfect tool for your business’ unique needs
Sage 200 is a completely modular ERP solution – that means that you can pick and choose the right tools to get your job done. Start out with the essential financial tools and build out as and when you need with stock control, order processing, bills of materials and project accounting. You can further expand with 3rd party vertical market modules such as comprehensive manufacturing, distribution, consultation, EPOS and eCommerce.

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The UK’s leading ERP for SMEs

If you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business, you don’t want to feel like anything’s holding you back. But siloed data, inefficient systems and laborious admin can get in the way of you reaching your potential. That’s where Sage 200 comes in.

  • Over 20 years of development and improvements
  • Easy-to-use automation to speed up your workflow
  • Everything you need to run your entire operation in one place

Say goodbye to frustrating, time-consuming processes and get ready to grow.

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You’ve got options

Sage 200 isn’t just a one-size-fits-all solution. There are 2 options to choose from depending on what you need – Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional. Whether you need a simple step up from Sage 50, or more powerful capability, the choice is yours:

  • Sage 200 Standard – Great for businesses that don’t need to over-complicate things
  • Sage 200 Professional – Better for businesses that require more advanced capability

What’s more, if you don’t feel you’re quite ready for the professional version just yet, there’s nothing stopping you from starting with the standard edition and upgrading to professional when the time comes.

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Build your own perfect solution

Sage 200 is built to be completely modular. This means you can create a custom solution that can adapt to your business’ changing needs and make it as simple or in-depth as you want.

  • Go from simple cost centres to powerful project accounting
  • Turn basic BOMs into advanced manufacturing processes
  • Change your simple authorisations to complete multi-level approval routines.

With a low point of entry with Sage 200 standard, it’s easy to make a start, with a basic system ready to go in as little as a few weeks.

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Keep things simple, without compromising capability

Sage 200 gives you all the power you need, without overwhelming you with endless options and complex interfaces. While all the powerful tools are working in the background, you’ll just see the things that are relevant to your role. Simple front-end, powerful back-end.

  • Access a commercial process from quote to cash and from procure to pay
  • Manage complex inventory with ease, including full traceability of your goods
  • Level up your reporting with direct access to business-critical data in a few clicks

The switch from spreadsheets and basic software to a full end-to-end ERP doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Integrate and expand

Looking to expand or want some specific capabilities that aren’t included as standard? With Sage 200, you get access to the Sage Business Cloud App Marketplace so you can select from a wide selection of tools from a range of partners that give you the extra power you need.

  • Integrate with your eCommerce site
  • Manage Direct Debits with GoCardless
  • Sync your data with Phocas for budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence.

Take the next step in your business growth – use Sage 200, the No.1 ERP for UK SMEs, to help you scale with speed and simplicity.

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