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Cloud Migrations

Elevate your business to the skies with cloud migration – making your work easier and more efficient.

Transform the way you work with a seamless switch to the cloud

What is a cloud migration?

Streamline your setup by moving to the cloud
Cloud migration is the process of moving data, security, applications, and other systems to a cloud-hosted environment. This can be either a move from an existing cloud setup (cloud-to-cloud migration) or from an on-site server to the cloud. Businesses migrate to the cloud for scalability, cost efficiency, and enhanced security. It allows you to adapt swiftly, reduce infrastructure costs, and focus on core operations.

Migration made easy

We’ll take the stress out of the big switch
When you’ve got multiple different systems spread out across your business and you want to bring everything together into one easy place on the cloud, the process can be time-consuming, delicate, and complicated – and that’s why we’re here to make everything as easy as possible. You’ll benefit from the experience of an IT partner that’s migrated hundreds of systems to the cloud – both on-premise to cloud and cloud to cloud migration. No matter how special your case is, chances are we’ve come across it before and have a low risk method to smoothly transition your business to the cloud.

Security that gives you complete peace of mind

Keep your precious data and systems safe from cyber criminals
We know that data is one of the most important assets of any business, and with a hybrid workforce, you’ve got a larger attack surface than ever for cyber criminals to exploit. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure your data is 100% secure – we keep everything in world-class accredited data centres that have specialism in all aspects of security.

Scale your resources and quickly respond to demand

Stay agile and rapidly adapt to market changes
Cloud migration will make your business flexible, allowing you to easily scale up or down depending on your needs. No more spending on excess resources, and no more scrambling to meet unexpected demand – you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way. And with your workforce now spread out across multiple different work styles, you get the flexibility to securely cater to however your staff want or need to work – whether that’s in-office, remote or hybrid.

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Complete consolidation

Bring together all of your company’s systems into one place.

  • Create a seamless experience for your employees
  • Get rid of outdated and inefficient legacy equipment
  • Outsource the technical work, so your employees can focus on the business

The legacy systems that many businesses rely on are inefficient, outdated and spread all over the place. We’ll help you top bring everything together into one place that’s easy to use and manage every day. That gives your staff a simple, streamlined experience which means that means they spend less time jumping between different systems and more time on working efficiently.


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Secure and reliable

Sleep easy knowing your data is in safe hands.

  • ISO-certified data centres
  • No risks from outdated systems
  • Strong physical and logical security measures

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, so you need to be confident that it's completely safe. With our cloud services, your data will be stored in world-class data centres with ISO certification that have robust physical and logical security – so even the most determined and well-equipped hackers don’t stand a chance.

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A cost-effective solution

Save money on infrastructure and cut back on unnecessary spending.

  • Pay only for what you need
  • Quickly and easily scale up or down
  • No upfront investment for expensive hardware

When you move over to the cloud, there’s no need to invest vast sums of money on all the servers and hardware you need to get everything up and running.  You’ll only pay one subscription cost that’s flexible and easily scalable depending on how much space you need – so you know you’re not paying extra for anything you’re not using.

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Make the most of your resources

The efficiency of a large team – without the extra staff.

  • Expert support
  • No need to train employees to maintain facilities
  • Top-tier trusted data centres

The resources and manpower that can go into setting up and maintaining the facilities for data storage and servers can be well out of reach for most companies. But we’re here to take that workload off your shoulders and give you all the support and guidance you need to keep everything running smoothly.

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Cloud that doesn’t cost the earth

A more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to private servers.

  • Data centres run on 100% renewable energy
  • Continued commitment to improving data centre efficiency
  • One tree planted for every kW of power used

With the immense amounts of energy that go into running data centres and keeping them cool, it’s important to consider the impact on the environment. That’s why we use data centres that are run efficiently on renewable energy – so far less energy is wasted and there’s a smaller carbon footprint than you’d get from running your server on-site.

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The four phases of cloud migration

In order to simplify the process, we can break cloud migration down into four sections:

During the preparation phase of your cloud migration, you need to look at the interworking of your applications and databases. By taking the time to establish the full connection between these components, you should also be able to see a clear system in which everything should be migrated.

You should use the planning stage to fully construct a cohesive migration strategy based on the information you gathered in the preparation stage. This includes rationalising the information you have against the 7 Rs of migration: rehost, replatform, relocate, repurchase, refactor, retire, and retain.

Once you have fully completed the planning and preparation for your IT cloud migration, it’s time to begin migrating. During this phase, you should also start to test the functionality of your newly migrated systems to be sure that they can still work connectively.

Now that you have fully carried out your migration strategy, you can now start to optimise and customise your systems to fully cater to your organisation’s specific needs. This includes finding best practices for monitoring, alerting and backups and ensuring that your cloud migration adheres to them.

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