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Case study

Nene Storage – Breaking the backlogs

Thanks to an upgrade to their IT systems, Nene have gone from being backlogged to working two weeks ahead of schedule.

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10% increase in turnover thanks to SAP Business One
Warehouse backlogs eliminated – now operating 2 weeks ahead of schedule
Significant reduction in staff headcount, overtime pay, and manual errors


Gary Coleman is the Operations Director at Nene Storage Equipment – a family-owned business that has been trading since the 1960s and now occupies an enviable position as an industry-leader in the warehouse storage solution space. With annual revenues of around £15 million and a staff headcount of 75, Gary recognised that Nene needed to review their technology systems if they wanted this success to continue into the future.


Gary was having a hard time keeping all information about sales orders and stock in one central place. He knew that their legacy systems were time-consuming and were getting in the way of them being able to capitalise on new business opportunities.

One major challenge for Gary was that they needed to improve stock visibility. There was no clear picture of what was stored where and teams had to jump between different systems to find the information they needed. It was incredibly inefficient and was causing major backlogs in the warehouses.


They needed a solution that would bring together all the information they needed about sales orders and stock in one place.

Another key requirement for Nene was to find a knowledgeable supplier who could assess their situation, recommend the best solution, and support them throughout the implementation process.

It was also clear that they couldn’t afford to have a lengthy, disruptive implementation process – they needed the system set up and running as quickly as possible.

'With the implementation of a SAP Business One solution from Thinc, we are now able to plan the stock requirements more accurately, access sales reports, make accurate forecasts for stock which has improved our cashflow, reduced errors and made the team work more efficiently with their time.'
Gary Coleman - Director, Nene


Nene partnered with Thinc, a certified SAP Business One solution provider, to address these needs. It was important for them to have a partner that would be there to properly communicate and collaborate throughout the whole project.

Thinc’s SAP Services Manager, James Peel got them set up with SAP Business One and we guided and supported throughout the implementation and embedding process.


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Since implementing SAP Business One across their business, Nene has experienced a 10% increase in turnover. Warehouse backlogs have been eliminated, and they’re now operating two weeks ahead of their order schedule.

There’s also been a significant reduction in staff headcount and overtime pay, as well as a decrease in manual and human errors in the system.

With SAP Business One, Nene Storage Equipment is now ready to grow and continue to improve their efficiency. They look forward to working with Thinc in the future to further optimise their operations and unlock even more value from SAP Business One.

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