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JUBEL – From days to minutes

With SAP, JUBEL can now create a new product in minutes, instead of days.

200% increase in Order Volume
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25% increase in team efficiency
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New products in minutes, not days


Andy heads up Operations at JUBEL, a B Corp certified craft beer brand on a mission to pioneer a new style of beer. The business has some serious growth ambitions and, after a recent round of funding, JUBEL were definitely ready for the next stage in their journey. But they faced some real challenges – some immediate and some emerging.


Andy was running his entire operation from spreadsheets.

He was doing a pretty good job of it, but there were just so many of them.

Order tracking, inventory management, inventory movements and batch tracking. All on different spreadsheets. All requiring manual input. His time was evaporating, and he was becoming more frustrated by the day.

Plus, the same data would need to go into multiple spreadsheets, opening the team up to a risk of errors and data inaccuracies.

With order volumes increasing, Andy knew he needed to future-proof their systems. He’d heard horror stories of companies growing rapidly, held together by Sellotape, and soon falling apart.

Knowing there was a better way, he went in search of a new solution.


Andy had some industry connections that had worked with Thinc before. And after speaking with a consultant, we recommended some options.

Andy determined that SAP Business One would be the best platform for growing his business. It would remove their manual work and tie all of their processes and spreadsheets together in one system.

Plus, implementing it while they were still small would save them a tonne of time and money compared to implementing it in the future when they would no doubt be more complex.

After going ahead, we provided Andy with clear project management documentation and kept on asking questions to make sure all his requirements were captured and realised.

There was a really tight deadline to launch the new system, but they managed to do it with a diligent approach and clear instructions on who needed to do what and when.

The project was a success, giving Andy much-needed relief. They now had a platform in place that would scale.

With SAP Business One, JUBEL’s order volumes have increased by 200%.


Since implementing SAP, JUBEL’s order volumes have increased by 200%.

In the short time they’ve been using SAP, Andy’s team have also saved themselves the cost of a new hire as a result of a 25% improvement in operational efficiency.

With the time he’s saved, and with more accurate data, Andy’s now able to focus on ways to reduce supplier spend, among other projects.

The team have more time to focus on maintaining high levels of quality, and full traceability of their goods from origin to destination has given the business more confidence in their supply chain.


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With SAP, JUBEL can now create a new product in minutes, instead of days.

They no longer have to change multiple spreadsheets for everything from raw materials through to production planning, which was a nightmare with their previous system.

This new agile way of working has helped develop a new product line that’ll be launched very soon.

Now that Andy’s got more freedom to focus on what’s important, he’s developing performance dashboards to track core KPIs, and helping his colleagues make better decisions on how they can improve the business.

All of this will help JUBEL expand their footprint as one of the UK’s hottest new craft beer brands.

JUBEL is currently available in Peach (our favourite), Grapefruit and Elderflower in over 1500 pubs, bars and supermarkets across the UK.

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