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Global Managed Services

We take the complexity out of international operations with our consultative, global managed services that support your long-term success.

Benefits of global managed IT services

One universal view of your systems and performance

Get a clear picture of your entire global operation
When you’re running a business with multiple entities across different countries, it can be difficult to zoom out to see the bigger picture. But with a global managed IT services provider, you get one clear view of all of your international entities and their systems, so you can easily keep track of overall performance.

Consolidation of costs, suppliers and reporting across multiple locations

Streamline the management of your international entities
Doing business internationally can all too often mean having to deal with a disparate web of systems and spreadsheets to get the info you need. Having an international partner sitting above everything means you can consolidate all your business-critical tasks and data into one place, all while saving money.

Strategy that guides your international expansion

Aligning your tech with your multinational business goals
Our global managed services give you more than just IT support – we’re a strategic partner that works hand-in-hand with you to help you meet your business goals. Working globally can mean coming up against all kinds of unexpected challenges, which is why you need a roadmap from an IT partner that’s been there and done it before.

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Multi-location IT support

Streamlined support for your global sites

  • 24/7 service
  • Single support portal
  • Onsite support through local partners

Wherever in the world you’re doing business and whatever time it is there, we’ll be on hand to offer multi-location IT support through one easy-to-use portal. That means you can save money on hiring tech staff and international IT outsourcing across different locations by working with one international partner.

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A strategic, international view of your IT

Giving you future-focused guidance, not just quick fixes

  • Helping set your strategic roadmap
  • Regular reviews and assessments
  • Certified consultants with a wide range of experience

A true IT partnership revolves around understanding your goals as a business and putting the tech in place to help you meet them. We collaborate closely with you to come up with a complete strategy that helps drive your growth – and we’ll be on-hand with the support you need to see it through.

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Consolidation of your multinational IT requirements

Taking the stress out of international red tape

  • Enterprise-level toolset
  • Reporting across multiple compliance requirements
  • International data management and protection

International business generally means having to work with any number of different compliance regulations and data protection requirements. Our global managed IT services help you manage this, with consolidated reporting, data management, backup and protection, wherever your data is resident.

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Best-in class, global managed services

Unbiased advice to help you select the best tools for your business

  • Independent and impartial
  • Globally proven, best-in-class solutions
  • Tools from a range of international partners

We’re a proudly independent company which means we’ll only recommend the right solutions for you. With a wide selection of tools and solutions from a range of proven industry-leading partners, including SonicWall, CrowdStrike, Microsoft Azure, Barracuda and Sage, we’ll always find the right fit for your business.

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