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What is SAP Business One?

A lot of people think that only large businesses can use SAP Business One software.

SAP Business One is actually built for small and medium-sized businesses.

Trusted globally, SAP Business One is a scalable, affordable ERP solution that brings together all of your key business areas, including accounting and inventory. SAP Business One connects all your processes, right across your business.

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What Is SAP Business One software used for?

SAP Business One is an ERP system that simplifies your business, giving you one powerful system that offers complete visibility across your entire operation.

You can access data that will drive your business growth, as well as the functionality to improve employee engagement and drive customer satisfaction. From supply chain to customer relationship management, the functionality offered by SAP B1 will improve efficiency across your whole business.

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Real-time information
Make informed decisions with real-time information.
Flexible reporting
Choose from a range of outputs when it comes to analysis of your data.
Low risk investment
It's popular for a reason.
Affordable business management software
Specifically developed for small and midsize businesses and a market leader in Enterprise application software.
Single solution to manage your business functions
SAP ERP software brings all of your business functions into a single, unified platform and enable cross-departmental collaboration.
Improve supply chain management
SAP Business One gives you more visibility and control over the order to pay cycle providing a better way to manage your PO, receipts, invoices, returns, and payments.

Benefits of SAP Business One

These are some of the key advantages of using SAP Business One.

Why choose Thinc?

We're the SAP experts

Perhaps the greatest benefit of SAP Business One is felt by your employees. At Thinc, we believe that by discovering people’s potential and nurturing their ability to create and connect, your business will be at an advantage.

We pride ourselves on the depth to which we educate and train teams through our SAP end user training. This can create change in your business, by freeing up time previously spent on routine tasks. Our training will also inspire people to take advantage of the accurate, real-time data that is available through SAP Business One.

By making better-and-better decisions, it is your people that can advance your business in ways previously unimagined.

We don't do 'one-size-fits-all'

Your business is completely unique, so we know that you need a completely unique solution to match it. That’s why we take the time to properly get to know your business, the problems you face and the way you work. That means we can create a tailored solution that exactly fits your needs and can grow with your business.

We’re here to help

Our friendly team of experts are on hand to fix whatever IT problems you’ve got with clear communication and long-lasting solutions. We work closely with you and act as an extension of your team, not just another outsourced IT team – so you get complete collaboration instead of quick fixes.

Demystifying the licensing of SAP Business One

SAP Business One deployment options explained

SAP for SMEs

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