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Thinc opens new office in Toronto

We love helping SMEs grow into new international markets. And now, we’re on that same journey. Here’s our official announcement.

PRESS RELEASE (TORONTO, APRIL 2, 2024): Thinc, a leading provider of IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), is opening its first international location in Toronto.


Headquartered in Manchester, England, Thinc brings to Canada more than 30 years of experience in helping SMEs to transform and scale their financial management and operations, equipping them with technology solutions and support services for their business. 

The opening in Canada is supported by Toronto Global and the multinational enterprise software company Sage, whose technologies are a core part of Thinc’s offering. Thinc is deeply trusted as an official Sage Intacct Partner and has been rated as its number-one partner for service excellence. 

For Canada’s scale-ups, Thinc’s arrival represents the opportunity to engage with an IT services provider that has developed a broad understanding of the challenges, roles and functions across all sectors – from manufacturing to non-profits. 

With a ‘connect, collaborate, amplify’ ethos, its goal is to help its clients become ‘intelligent companies’, where technology works in harmony with people and processes, achieved through holistic solutions and a lasting partnership built on getting to know a client’s business. 


An IT services provider that understands business growth 

“We’re hugely excited, and honoured, to be beginning this chapter of Thinc’s journey in Toronto. Like many of our customers, we are a company focused on growth, and it made complete sense to us to bring Thinc to Canada. SMEs are the bedrock of Canadian industry, just as they are in the UK, and we can’t wait to start building lasting relationships with ambitious businesses in Toronto and beyond.”

Dominic Ball, Managing Director, Thinc

“We’re delighted to see Thinc’s arrival as a provider of Sage Intacct Financial Management solutions in the Canadian market. As the leader in accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), we only work with partners who operate at that same high standard we set for ourselves. Thinc has established itself as a partner that truly understands the SME market in the UK – and we’re confident that they can bring the same trusted, expert service to scale-ups across Canada.”

David Rumer, Area Vice President, Canadian Partners and Strategic Alliances, Sage

“From the first moment Thinc got in touch with Toronto Global, we’ve been impressed by its vision for empowering scale-ups in the region. One of the reasons why Thinc has chosen Toronto is access to the largest and most diverse talent pool in the country, including one of the highest concentrations of tech jobs in North America. We value Thinc’s commitment to invest in the people and resources of the Toronto Region and are delighted to welcome the team to our community.”  

Stephen Lund, CEO, Toronto Global

“As a thriving tech hub, home to so much talent and growing businesses, Toronto was the only contender when it came to deciding on Thinc’s next move. We’re a business that’s serious about technology, but only as long as it serves the real needs of people. All our success in the UK comes from our honesty, transparency and independence – qualities that we know are held dear by Canadian people. It’s exactly where we want to be.”

Richard Stathers, Operations Director, Thinc

“The depth of Thinc’s relationship with Sage has few rivals across our geographic regions. As a Sage Intacct Partner, having been rated top for service excellence, and with a wealth of Sage experience, Thinc is able to bring a full breadth of technical expertise and unwavering customer focus. If you’re an SME looking to connect, extend and grow, we’ll support you all the way.”   

Gary McKnight, Head of Commercial (Sage), Thinc 


What’s next for Thinc and the SME market?  

Thinc’s Toronto team is delighted to be joining the community at MaRS Waterfront, one of Toronto’s most innovative tech hubs and home to a host of start-ups and innovators. Thinc is also expanding its Sage support capabilities, complementing the UK and Canadian teams.

With its office open in Toronto, the Thinc team is ready to speak to people from local SMEs about their ambitions and how they can be realized with technology. Representatives will be attending a range of technology and vertical-focused events in Toronto over the course of the year. 

Experts from Thinc are available for comment, editorial and interview opportunities. Please contact Thinc for any inquiries or visit its website to learn more. 


About Thinc 


Thinc is headquartered in Manchester, England – the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the world’s first stored-program computer, and Alan Turing’s studies into artificial intelligence. For the past three decades, Thinc has been empowering UK-based and multinational SMEs to grow, whether that’s moving on from older ERP solutions or scaling up for international expansion. 

Thinc helps ambitious SMEs scale up to reach their full potential. With headquarters in the UK, and offices in Canada, Thinc provides the cutting-edge finance software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, managed IT support, cyber security solutions, and cloud management to unlock business’ full potential. 

Thinc is an official Sage Intacct partner, with a range of Sage certifications across its team. Sage has awarded Thinc its highest award for Service Excellence.  

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Thinc opens new office in Toronto

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