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What is an intelligent company?

At Thinc, creating intelligent companies is more than a way of working — it’s our purpose.

There are lots of things that spring to mind when someone talks about an intelligent company – it could mean being progressive, harnessing the latest technology or automating processes. But to truly be an intelligent company you need to go beyond what technology alone can deliver. You need to realise that technology is simply a tool to empower your people to be more – more connected, creative, collaborative and engaged.


Here’s what we mean when we talk about intelligent companies:

“Businesses that harness cutting-edge IT solutions to create a complete business ecosystem, engineered to help people maximise their potential.”


Some people imagine these intelligent companies as being cold, sterile environments where humans are designed out of the workplace. In our experience, the opposite is true. The companies we see, those that truly embrace this approach, put people at the very centre of their businesses.

Some businesses use technology to design the people out of processes. But intelligent companies design around people, recognising and unleashing their potential. They create systems that can enhance their performance and allow them to provide even more value for the organisation. It might change the way they work, but rather than being designed out, these systems are helping to elevate people.

By amplifying the potential of their people, business leaders of intelligent companies are unlocking huge amounts of previously untapped value.


Here are some examples of how businesses are becoming intelligent:

  • Automating back-office finance operations to free up people to add greater value.
  • Using AI to better understand customers’ needs, radically increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Getting more accurate insights from combined datasets by using integrated systems.
  • Adapting to a work-from-home setup without compromising on productivity or security.


Intelligent companies aren’t created by technology alone. It takes a balance of business, technical expertise, and an understanding of how people work.

That’s why we collaborate with our clients. By immersing ourselves in your world, we can see past the surface needs and take a deeper look into your business, identifying both immediate improvement opportunities and future possibilities.

We help you create a strategy that will lead to an advanced business — one that is capable of rapidly generating a strong return on investment, whilst creating near limitless long-term benefits.

Contrary to what people may think, this isn’t just for the big, FTSE 100 companies. We’ve helped to shape SMEs that are shining examples of what an intelligent company can be.

At Thinc, we’ve got the expertise and experience to transform your business into an intelligent company. We’ll advance every aspect of your business and look at how your future potential can be realised, rather than just focusing on the installation of a new system.

And if your business is looking to scale, you might just be in the strongest position of all – the changes you make today can fuel your next phase of growth.

In fact, we often see intelligent companies scaling at an accelerated pace. Because they’ve used technology to free up their talent, the heavy lifting required for growth can be shared across the team. The result is a more scalable, adaptable, and customer-focused business.

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