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Why do we recommend Sicon for Sage 200?

Sicon provides highly innovative and functionality-focused applications designed to connect to Sage.

Sicon additions make day to day business operations much easier, faster and more accurate.

Built upon decades of experience, Sicon offers a broad variety of products to address business system requirements. Sicon Sage add ons range from a simple document scanning and archiving solution, to a 2000-user web-based system, capable of handling requisition, timesheet, and expenses, with multi-level authorisation.

There are an expansive range of Sage add ons.
Quality and functionality
Sicon is an established, Sage certified Sage add on solution provider.
Data with no delay
Real-time data integration with Sage 200 via Sicon WAP.
Accessibility on the go
The Sicon Service Manager app is available on all mobile devices.

Benefits of Sicon for Sage

These are just some of the benefits of Sicon add ons for Sage

Why choose Thinc?

We're an award-winning Sage partner

We’re a longstanding Sage Business Partner, Sage UK’s “number 1 partner for service excellence” and have helped over 400 businesses successfully scale their businesses through Sage 200. Our extensive knowledge of Sage accounting software, the Sage 200 professional modules, as well as the extensive range of Sage 200 add-ons allows us to take a consultative approach and only ever recommend what is right for your business. Having worked with Sage 200 since it was first introduced to the market, we’ve seen the product evolve as the needs of SMEs have progressed.

We don't do 'one-size-fits-all'

Your business is completely unique, so we know that you need a completely unique solution to match it. That’s why we take the time to properly get to know your business, the problems you face and the way you work. That means we can create a tailored solution that exactly fits your needs and can grow with your business.

We’re here to help

Our friendly team of experts are on hand to fix whatever IT problems you’ve got with clear communication and long-lasting solutions. We work closely with you and act as an extension of your team, not just another outsourced IT team – so you get complete collaboration instead of quick fixes.

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Recommended Sicon modules for Sage 200

Distribution for Sage 200

The distribution module for Sage 200 is specifically designed to enhance operations within wholesale distribution. Businesses can forecast stock requirements with data-driven future stock projections. In doing so, business managers can eliminate unnecessary stock holding with suggested purchase order creation.

The Sicon Sage Distribution module enables businesses to reduce overall costs by having a clearer picture of their business needs.

Barcoding & Warehousing for Sage 200

Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing is integrated in real-time with the Sage 200 stock and order processing modules. Plus, this popular add on fully supports all of the Sicon Sage additions. That means that businesses can connect their barcode system with:

  • Job costing for issues and returns
  • Works orders for picking and building assemblies
  • Distribution for pre-allocation of stock at goods in

Manufacturing for Sage 200

Sicon Manufacturing is a set of additional modules for Sage 200, integrated with stock, BOM, sales and purchase order processing. It includes modules for bespoke manufacturing and work order processing for high volume repeat production manufacture.

What’s more, Materials Resource Planning provides suggested work order and purchase orders. You can also use Sicon Manufacturing to produce capacity plans and hourly operation schedules for labour and machinery.

Financial enhancement modules

Sicon’s Sage financials suite can enhance existing Sage 200 modules to provide extended functionality and processing. Each of these tools is fully integrated with many Sage 200 modules, to simplify the transition process.

  • Audit Log. This is a fully integrated module developed specifically for Sage 200. Audit Log is designed to track field level changes to core Sicon & Sage financial modules. This tool also provides full overview of sales and purchase order processing modules, as well as the stock and price book.
  • Cash Flow Manager is a real-time drag and drop interface for cash management projections. It is fully integrated with Sage 200 financial ledgers and order processing modules.

Cash Flow Manager from Sicon helps you to design a tailored cash flow format, including bank accounts, sales, purchase invoices, purchase orders and ad hoc spending.

  • Contract Manager helps you to control periodic invoicing and the management and reconciliation of the deferred income and cost postings.
  • Document Manager allows users to scan and retrieve documents in Sage 200 easily. Unlike some other add ons, Sicon’s Document Manager requires no additional software indexing steps. The document indexing information is stored within Sage 200 SQL database, for fast searching. Storing documents securely within Sage 200 attachment path ensures they are always backed up.
  • Fixed Assets. The Sicon Sage Fixed Asset manager is a fully integrated, highly functional module. This add on links directly to financial ledgers and month-end processes. In doing so, it incorporates list views and workspaces, plus a host of standard Sage 200 reports.
  • Intercompany Transactions. This module is fully integrated with financial ledgers, order processing and stock control module processes. Users can carry out purchase invoice appointments, nominal journals, cash transfers and stock transfers.

Using Sicon Intercompany Transactions, you can rely on automatic creation of nominal journals or sales and purchase VAT invoices. This module collates data for any of the companies configured within the Sage 200 system – all in one place.

  • Direct Debit Integration allows you to collect funds faster and more efficiently. This popular Sicon add on offers better cashflow, improved customer service and easy budgeting.
  • Task and Contact Manager provides a simple contact management system. This integrated module notes actions, tasks, and reminders, plus simple mobile e-marketing integration.


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