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6 reasons scale-ups choose Sage 200

Why is Sage 200 the best ERP for scale-up companies?

At Thinc, we work in partnership with 39 companies on the UK’s official scale up index. This has given us a unique insight into what it takes to make exceptional growth a reality.

One of the most important factors behind this is the systems they have in place to support that growth. Namely, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software – and Sage 200 is one of the most popular solutions for these fast-growing scale-ups.

Why systems matter for scale-ups

By definition, scale-ups are companies that demonstrate exceptionally fast growth potential.

However, many scale-ups experience such rapid growth that their existing processes, systems and working methods are no longer fit for purpose.

On the other hand, those with suitable systems like Sage 200 will be able to scale freely and safely at speed.

Here’s why many of the scale-ups we work with rely on Sage200.

1. Scalability

Sage 200 is a scalable solution by nature. That means you only pay for the features you need at any given time, adding additional modules as and when required. The result is complete cost-efficiency as you expand and scale up.

This scalability also refers to your capacity for growth, which is pivotal for scale-ups. Limitations on technology and systems create roadblocks in the journey ahead, which could lead to catastrophic failure. If your systems don’t keep up with the growing needs of a new, large client, it could result in a loss in service, reputational damage and possibly the loss of the client altogether.

Fortunately, Sage 200 keeps you over-prepared for this. Deployed in the cloud, there’s potentially limitless server space at your disposal. The vast array of modules – spanning everything from accounting and order processing to manufacturing and supply chain – means you’re never left short when you need to scale up and deliver.

2. Rapid deployment

Deploying most ERP solutions will take around 10-12 weeks. Unfortunately, scale-ups are one type of company that simply can’t wait. You might even be reading this right now because you realise you have the potential to grow. That potential for growth is ‘right now’, not in 10-12 weeks – and these rapid growth opportunities can quickly disappear.

With Sage 200, you can make the most of every opportunity. Because it’s cloud-based, you can be up and running without any delays. The same is true for all Sage 200 applications, which can be quickly added and deployed as and when they’re needed.

3. Powerful technology

If you’re worried about whether your ERP system can handle new orders, your business is not ready to scale up. Built using Microsoft development tools and a powerful SQL database, Sage 200 is prepared for anything you can throw at it.

There’s no need to worry about speed and performance, no matter how many transactions or how much data you need the core database to handle. In other words, it offers the power and productivity of a desktop with the freedom and control of cloud-based software.

4. Seamless integration

With so many different functions completed from day to day, week to week and beyond, it’s completely unrealistic to expect any scale-up to run with just one technology or vendor. But switching from app to app can be both disruptive and time-consuming.

Thankfully, with Sage 200, this isn’t an issue. The web-based system can integrate with a wide range of software and third-party apps. Put simply, it will work and integrate with the software you’re (probably) already running.

That includes a pre-existing integration with the ever-popular Microsoft Office 365, which includes PowerBI, Power Connect and PowerApps. So, you can connect everything from Excel spreadsheets to bespoke apps, creating an all-encompassing ecosystem for every aspect of your business.

5. Easy to use

As the world’s third largest supplier of ERP software, it’s quite likely you’ll already be using, or will have previously used Sage products. If not, you’ll probably be using a piece of software that has been inspired by Sage. That means you’ll have no problem familiarising yourself with the simple, intuitive interface.

Like all Sage products, 200 has been developed with ease-of-use in mind. It’s complete with a customisable dashboard, so you can see the most important information at each step of your scale-up journey. That’s paired with a responsive design that works just as well on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet and even mobile.

6. Remote access

Cloud connected and completely responsive, Sage 200 can be used on any device, in any location with an internet connection. This constant connectivity gives you complete visibility whenever you need it. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – you’ll be able to make sure you’re on top of every scale-up opportunity.

But it also allows you to take advantage of the growing shift towards remote working. After being forced to adapt during the lockdowns of 2020, businesses and employees have started to embrace the benefits of remote working: better work-life balance, lower costs and – with the right systems in place – increased productivity.

With Sage 200 integrated with Microsoft Office 365, you and your team can access your desktop at home, on the go or even at a coffee shop, meaning there’s no fixed location for the growth of your business. This could become a must-have for recruitment and staff retention going forward, with more workers leaning towards a remote or hybrid model of working.

Scale-up at speed with Sage 200cloud

Whatever stage you’re at in the scale-up journey, Sage 200 can act as your business companion – keeping you prepared for the next step, and beyond. It’s scalable, customisable and truly invaluable.

If you want to put Sage 200 to the test, get in touch with our team to book a free consultation.

We’re experts in Sage 200, specialising in assisting the most ambitious and fast-moving scale-ups across the UK.

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