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Finance software that takes your business to the next level

As a finance pro, your time is valuable. You can’t waste time with spreadsheets, manual data entry and limited reporting.

To drive your business forward, you need real-time in-depth insights and advanced controls. With Sage Intacct, you’ll turn finance from just number-crunching to real strategic guidance.   

At Thinc, we combine cutting-edge financial software expertise with three decades of experience guiding SMEs to achieve their ambitions. As a Sage partner, we can help you unlock the full benefits of Intacct for your business. 

  • Scale easily with a complete cloud-native solution

    Unlike many other finance software solutions, Sage Intacct was designed to be based in the cloud. That means you’re not chained to an on-premise setup and you can easily scale as your business grows. You’ll also be able to natively integrate with Salesforce, turning Closed Won opportunities into Sales Invoices instantly.

  • AI and automation to supercharge your work

    Sage Intacct gives you access to an Intelligent General Ledger™ powered by AI. By using outlier detection to monitor your past trends, you can focus your attention where it’s needed most. Automate your journals, revenue recognition/deferral schedules, project billing milestones, reporting and contract invoices. 

  • Take control of your data

    Sage Intacct gives you a set of intuitive and completely integrated dimensional reporting tools. Reduce your reliance on Excel, cut down the time it takes to analyse key information and consolidate everything into simple, clear dashboards. You can find the individual transactions creating your business trends within seconds with Intacct’s drilldown functionality.

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Why Sage Intacct?

Future-proof your business with a system that scales

Many businesses get started with a basic financial software and, to begin with, things are fine. But then they start developing more complex requirements such as revenue recognition, multi-entity consolidation and in-depth reporting. They also find themselves stuck with heaps of laborious tasks like manual data entry and dealing with multiple spreadsheets.

For businesses looking to take the next step up out of this, Sage Intacct is the perfect solution.

With the power of AI and automation, you'll be able to do away with much of the busy-work that eats away at your staff's time leaving them free to focus on higher-level activities. And thanks to Intacct's advanced dimensional reporting, you'll be able to organise, analyse and get insights from your data like never before.

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Why Thinc?

500+ clients

Over 500 companies trust us to take care of their vital business systems – because we give each and every one of them all of the support they need. 

99% customer retention

We believe in building real, long-lasting relationships with our customers rather than just giving you quick fixes. That’s why they love staying with us year after year.

25+ years of SME experience

We’ve been helping SMEs to grow for over 25 years – so we’ve got experience of almost every imaginable scenario when it comes to using tech to scale your business.

How is Sage Intacct priced?

1. Software

Sage Intacct is a modular solution meaning you only pay for what you use. This allows you to increase Intacct's potential as you grow and upskill your team, helping them see return of investment as quickly as possible.

There are different levels of user licensing – Business Users and Team Members, as well as module specific users for projects and warehousing. These have different levels of access and are charged differently.

You can also get 'editions' of Intacct which are a fixed price and are ideal for small finance teams that don't need lots of advanced capabilities.

2. Support

On top of your licensing, you'll need support. If you've got any issues, help is only a phone call or an e-mail away.

Support is calculated as a percentage of your licensing, and gives you direct access to an expert – so you know you're always making the most of your system.

3. Setup

As every business is different, you'll need a one-off setup to help you get up and running.

The price will depend on how complex your business is, and what you need your system to do. We charge an hourly rate, and have 2 different implementation options available – a "Fast Start" and a "Configured" approach. The recommend approach will depend on your system requirements.

As Sage Intacct is a modular solution, you'll only pay for what you need. The quickest and easiest way to get your price is with a quick chat.

How we implement Intacct in your business

Whether you’re looking to get started quickly or have complex, bespoke requirements, we’ll make sure your Sage Intacct implementation will give you all you need from go-live day and beyond.

Fast start approach – 3 months or less

1) Engage

With fast start, you’ll save time as more of the solution is pre-designed. We’ll put together a project plan, and give you early access to our learning centre so you can get your team up to speed right away.

2) Data collection

We’ll collect all of the data you’re going to need to run your systems, including entities, locations, departments, employees, customers, suppliers, items and opening balances.

3) Data loading

After we’ve got the data, we’ll load it into the system and go back and forth with you to validate and check everything’s working properly. 

4) Training

In addition to the learning centre materials, we’ll also offer Intacct Fundamentals Training, self-paced learning activities, professional service demonstrations and user acceptance testing.

5) Go-live and support

As with the configured approach, you’ll get access to our consultants after go-live and our dedicated Sage support team will be on hand to offer ongoing support.

Configured approach – 6-12 months

1) Define

We’ll work with you to create a customised design document and define the specifics of the solution, making sure everything lines up with your unique business processes and requirements.

2) Build

Our consultants will create the configuration based on the specification agreed upon in the solution design document. We’ll also support you in getting the first round of data into the system.

3) Model

In a safe sandbox environment, we’ll give you a clear testing framework to make sure that everything is built as you’ve specified and will work exactly as expected.

4) Deploy

We’ll help bring over the rest of your data, set up your custom reporting and anything else you’ve specified. We’ll also provide gap training to get your staff up to speed on any specifics of your system.

5) Ongoing support

After you go live, our dedicated consultants will remain on hand to answer any questions and make sure you get the most out of your system. 

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