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What’s it like for women working in the tech sector? We asked three of our talented women to share their experiences.

What’s it like for women working in the tech sector?  

We asked three of our team at Thinc to share their experiences and insights from their careers as women working in tech. 

In 2024, it’s still a mixed picture for the tech sector when it comes to gender balance. Just 26% of jobs in the sector taken by women, according to the Women in Tech Survey 2023. While this proportion has increased over the years, particularly in advanced economies (as reported recently by the Financial Times), there is clearly still a lot of ground to make up.  

The Women in Tech survey revealed that 22% believe that a lack of education about tech for young girls could be fuelling misconceptions as they grow up that tech careers are not for them. When they look to find role models in IT, they mainly see men. 

At Thinc we have a part to play in addressing this. We know our sector needs to work hard to attract and retain women. The theme for International Women’s Day in 2024 is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, which couldn’t be more apt as a message for the tech industry.  

We feel very fortunate and proud to have incredibly talented women working in tech roles and other functions at Thinc. We asked them to share their reflections on their careers in the tech sector – and hopefully inspire the next generation of women in tech to follow in their footsteps.


Rebecca Pyrah, Sage 200 Senior Consultant 

As a senior consultant, Rebecca works with Thinc’s clients to help them unlock their potential with Sage 200 ERP software. 

As a woman working in tech, what’s been your proudest moment? 

Work-wise, I don’t think there’s any one key moment for me personally, but lots of small wins along the way.  The first project I delivered solo was a great confidence booster, though so was seeing the big difference a few process changes I’d recommended made for a business I was working with, and them subsequently requesting me for lots of additional work. Small milestones and victories have made a big difference over time to me.   

Outside of work, it’s a close call between completing the London Marathon and completing a couple of long-distance triathlons!  

If you could change anything in the tech sector to improve inclusivity, what would it be? 

I think it’s already pretty inclusive, but in my experience, I’ve found that maybe society in general deems the sector as only suitable for a certain stereotype, which people unknowingly go along with. Occasionally people raise their eyebrows when I tell them I work in IT as I don’t necessarily fit the stereotype in their head, but I think the more people break into the sector, the more this will change.   

I have a daughter now and I want her to grow up knowing she can be anything she wants to be, without a feeling of any barriers being in her way (perceived or otherwise). 

For a woman looking at careers in your field, what advice would you give them? 

Be confident in your own abilities and don’t be afraid to stand your ground if/when needed. It sounds like a cliché, but self-confidence and belief will drive your career. You’re in that role because you deserve to be – your hard work got you there so don’t doubt yourself. 


Christine Wyatt, SAP Business One Senior Consultant 

Christine plays a huge role in helping SMEs find the best ways to harness SAP Business One software to their specific needs. 

As a woman working in tech, what’s been your proudest moment? 

I’m proud to work as a woman in tech, every day.  My first steps in the sector were not particularly easy as I didn’t study to work in tech (I’m not sure why I was hired in the first place!). It was hard to navigate meetings mostly dominated by men, I was younger and had little to bring to the table. As a woman, I felt I had to go above and beyond to prove my value.  

Being personable and driven, I quickly found good allies among my co-workers and built strong and honest relationships with customers. I took a few tech courses at the local college to build up my confidence in techy subjects and my career quickly ramped up from there. 

If you could change anything in the tech sector to improve inclusivity, what would it be?  

I’d give sexism the red card and make that really clear. I’d say the situation has improved over the years as there is a lot more awareness for inclusivity nowadays, so it is easier to talk about it. That being said, there is a lot more to do in the wider society to include and treat women equally in the workspace. True gender equity is a tough equation!  

Tech companies have the advantage of being able to offer more flexible/hybrid working formats than other industries. These schemes can be utilised by men and women; they benefit women’s equity in the workplace by allowing men and women to be more equal at home.    

Some contribution towards Mary Poppins (the childcare part, at least!) may attract more women in the sector as it is more difficult for women to combine career and family life.  

For a woman looking at careers in your field, what advice would you give them? 

Contributors with computing expertise are of course a must-have for a tech company. However, they perform way better in conjunction with others that have functional expertise and a good dose of soft skills.  

My advice for women looking at careers in IT would be to look beyond hard skills, develop functional skills and nurture their soft skills.  Well-rounded profiles are rare and sought after. I believe women are prime candidates to fill roles in tech.  


Izzy Farby, Financial Accounts Analyst 

Izzy has quickly become an integral part of the team at Thinc. Currently training for accounting qualifications, she’s part of the team that makes sure finances are managed to the highest standard. 

As a woman working in the tech sector, what’s been your proudest moment so far? 

Working at Thinc over the past 18 months, one of my proudest moments has to be winning an award at our annual conference. It was great to receive recognition for the varied work I have been getting involved with across the business.  

On top of this, I have been given the opportunity for continuous self-development through AAT, moving onto ACCA, with the aim of becoming a chartered accountant. Self-studying towards my exams has massively improved my self-discipline. Now when I pass exams, I know that I have taught myself all of the content, understanding the objectives, and this makes me feel proud. 

If you could change anything in this sector to improve inclusivity, what would it be? 

Having recently started my professional career, I am happy to say I have not experienced any issues on inclusion so far and I’m hoping it will stay this way. Technology has typically been a male-dominated sector of work; however, even over the short time I have been in my career, I can see that more women are being recruited into operational and shared-service roles, which is really positive. I am excited for the diverse future of the industry. 

For a woman looking at careers in your field, what advice would you give them? 

Go for it and give it your best! I have found that you get back what you put in. More specifically in my role, I would say to appreciate and make use of colleagues with a sound knowledge of the business in order to understand company processes and values.  

With regard to studying, I would advise to create a roadmap for guidance through the course. On top of this, take each exam as it comes – otherwise you can get overwhelmed with the mountain of exams you have to conquer.  

Thinking about a career in tech? 

At Thinc we’re always interested in talking to talented people, no matter what stage of their career they’re at. If you’re interested in the opportunities Thinc can offer, why not get in touch. 


Women in Tech Survey 2023   

Gender gap in tech jobs narrows across advanced economiesFinancial Times 

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