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What is a managed IT support provider and how can you choose the best provider?

Choosing an IT support provider is a crucial decision for any business. This guide will help break down the differences between the many different options out there.

The world of IT can seem overwhelming for many businesses. Between the various hardware and software requirements, cyber security and cloud computing, there’s a lot to keep on top of. That’s why many companies look to managed IT support providers to take care of all of those things for them. 

IT support providers will manage a company’s IT needs, giving them a higher level of service than they would be able to achieve by themselves and freeing up their time to focus on the day-to-day business. Some IT providers will even go a step further and actively work with you for strategic guidance and proactive problem-solving. 

The tasks that these providers will offer can include cyber security; network and server management; data management and much more. They’ll also typically offer some kind of desk management and assistance for end-users. This can be done remotely or can involve in-person work as well. 

The services and the level of support you get will vary significantly from each partner, so you need to carefully weigh up what your business needs and who’s going to be best suited to meet those requirements. 


Why do you need managed IT support? 

Some companies will end up leaving any IT tasks to whoever is ‘good with computers’ or just seems to be the most technically competent. While the company is still small and the systems are very basic, this might just about be enough to get by, but very quickly you’ll start to run into problems.  

This kind of ‘do-it-yourself’ approach is generally very reactive and can feel like you’re constantly fighting fires whenever issues arise rather than proactively looking to improve systems and security and stop problems before they can happen. 

A managed IT support provider will be able to take care of all your IT needs for you, freeing you up to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. They’ll also be able to: 

  • Improve your cyber security so you can avoid breaches and data loss. 
  • Actively prevent and fix downtimes to eliminate any productivity losses. 
  • Upgrade and advise on the best hardware and software for your business. 
  • Support your growth by scaling your IT infrastructure as your business expands 

Beyond this, you’ll also get access to top-level knowledge and experience that goes far beyond the level you could ever get in-house – the best IT providers will have specialists dedicated solely to each area of the service.  

They’ll also act as the tech navigator for your business, someone who can give expert advice and provide a roadmap for how you’ll use IT to strategically drive your business forward. 



Choosing the right managed IT support provider 

Picking an IT support provider is an important decision for your business, as it should lead to a long-term partnership that helps drive your business forward. Take the time to carefully weigh up what you’re looking for from a potential partner and see who’s out there that can tick those boxes for you.  


Identify your needs 

Do a thorough audit of what the current issues are with the way you’re working at the moment. You may find that you’re constantly struggling with hardware issues, cloud services or cyber security.  

Also, consider the level of support you’ll need. If you feel comfortable with IT and only need occasional help, you may well be okay with the more minimal support that some partners offer. However, if you’re not as technically inclined, don’t have the time to manage everything or have a lot of support needs, you’ll likely be looking for a partner who can give you that level of help. 


Compare your needs to what you are being offered 

Once you’ve got your priorities in order, have a good look around for partners that can fix these needs. Often, some IT support providers will be more specialised than others. For example, you may find a partner who is an expert in migrating companies’ systems to the cloud but falls short in other areas.  

If you’re looking for someone to fill several different roles, make sure that the partner is properly experienced and knowledgeable in every area, and they’re not just tacking on extras to try and entice customers. 

At Thinc, we take pride in offering the complete package of IT support for businesses. We’ve got extensive experience across cloud, managed IT, cyber security and business software.  


Proactive vs reactive 

Generally, managed IT support falls into one of two categories: reactive or proactive. A reactive partner will just work to fix problems as and when they arise.  

Some companies may see this as enough if they only wish to deal with occasional problems as they pop up but they’re leaving themselves at risk. 

Most businesses, however, will see the benefits of a proactive partner. These IT providers will work to actively find and fix issues before they can arise and cause disruption. The best IT partners will also work closely with you to help guide you at a higher level, including deciding what tech will be best to meet your business goals and drive you forward.  


Figure out your budget 

Depending on exactly what you need and the level of support you go for, the cost will vary. Each business needs to weigh up the costs and risks and find a solution that’s right for them. Make sure you clarify what’s included upfront versus what extras will be added on to avoid any surprise costs adding up. 

Be careful with getting what can seem like a good deal at the time coming back to bite you. Some things like cyber security are generally not a good idea to cheap out on as a potential cyber attack could end up costing your business far more than you may have ‘saved’ by going with a cheaper option. 


IT services with Thinc 

At Thinc, we don’t just do quick fixes. We build real relationships with our customers and really get to know the way you work. That way, we can come up with a tailored solution to perfectly match your business’ needs and use tech to help you meet your goals. 

We offer the whole package of everything you need to scale your business while staying safe. We’re experts in cloud, cyber security, managed IT and business software which means we can give you a holistic solution that addresses all of your unique requirements.  

Our dedicated support team are also on hand to deal with any issues you’ve got, answer any questions and offer proactive advice and guidance to make sure you’re getting the most out of any system.     


Contact Thinc today for expert IT services 

If you’re looking to take the step up to a managed IT support provider, get in touch with one of our experts today for a no-obligation chat. We’d love to learn what makes your business tick and what we can do to help drive you forward.   


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