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Warehouse efficiency for the growing SME

How business technology can unlock a new level of efficiency for your warehouse.

For any company involved in the storage and shipment of physical goods, warehousing is a vital part of day-to-day business. But not all warehouse management systems are made equal and inefficient setups and processes could cost you dearly. These issues can sneak up on businesses when they begin to scale up, as systems that may have sufficed at one point can quickly become stretched to breaking point.  

Ahead of our attendance at CHEMUK 2024, we’re taking a look at some of the challenges that come with warehouse management, and how you can use tech to strategically create a more efficient warehouse.


The challenges of efficient warehouse management 


Making the most of the space you’ve got 

Warehouse space is expensive, so it’s important you’re using it in the most efficient way possible to make sure there’s no wasted space that’s still costing you money. But many companies’ warehouses are used inefficiently and are based more on instinct than data. That means that they can quickly run out of space and see the need to expand, when they could actually just increase capacity with more efficient management. 


Inventory management and visibility 

Without clear real-time data of your inventory, decisions are generally made reactively rather than proactively. Not having proper inventory management also means you won’t be able to keep track of stock levels – making it more likely that you’ll overstock or run out, or won’t have accurate records for compliance. This always puts you on the back foot when it comes to fulfilling orders as you won’t know for certain where the stock is or if you’ve even got it at that time.  


Reliance on manual tasks 

Out-of-date tools and processes can be a real drain on time if your employees are constantly having to enter and re-enter data into different systems or, even worse, on paper. This way of working is also highly prone to errors as each manual step runs the risk of someone putting the wrong numbers or information down, which could result in a potentially costly issue further down the line.  


Delivering customer satisfaction 

Customers demand speedy and accurate delivery of goods and, depending on the specifics of the industry, will often need to see certain requirements met around product storage and traceability. But without the right systems in place, it can be difficult to capture this consistently, and as a result, this information isn’t always readily available or reliable.  


Warehouse Management and Distribution Technology



What a good warehouse management system looks like 


Greater traceability of goods 

With a warehouse management system (WMS) like Produmex from Boyum, you’ll get a clear and real-time view of what inventory you’ve got and where it’s stored. Any time a product is moved, this is automatically updated in the inventory. You also get traceability beyond standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, with reports containing information about every move a product has made.  


Better management of inventory 

Warehouse management systems will allow you to keep track of all of your inventory with real-time updates when anything is moved. The best WMS solutions will also offer automated cycle counting and replenishment functions. 



Without the reliance on error-prone manual processes and data entry, you can rest assured that the information you’ve got is up-to-date and reliable. Instead of employees having to write everything down or manually enter data into a spreadsheet, barcode reading devices mean you can process items much faster, with accurate item information going straight into your system. 



Having a clear audit trail with complete traceability is essential for many compliance requirements that businesses face, including GS1 supply chain standards. For industries with regulations around storage, WMS software will also track this information, including shelf-life management and best-before dates.  



As you scale your business, your warehouse needs to be able to keep up. Efficient warehouse management means that you’ll be able to make the most of the space you’ve got. Streamlined order workflows will allow you to work more efficiently and stay on top of the increased demands as you grow. 


Integration with other tools 

If you’re running your business from an ERP, you don’t want to be constantly transferring data between systems, each time risking human errors. Instead, a warehouse management system should be smoothly integrated with your existing setup, so inventory and order information are automatically updated throughout the wider system that the rest of the business relies on. That’s why, at Thinc, we’re huge fans of the way Produmex’s solutions integrate neatly with the SAP Business One ERP system. 


Warehouse Management and Distribution Technology


Warehouse management with Thinc 

We’ve got extensive experience helping businesses across a wide range of industries to use technology to improve the way they manage their warehousing. Whether you’re already set up with an existing ERP system, or you’re still working off spreadsheets and paper, we’ll work with you to design a modern solution for your warehouse. 



An ERP system such as SAP Business One forms the digital core of your business, and this setup is essential for efficient warehousing. You’ll be able to connect the different parts of your business and manage your operations in one simple place. This means all the data from your warehouse is in the same place as your finance and sales, and you’ve got the power to pull out in-depth analytics and insights that drive your business forward. 


WMS software 

ERP systems are very powerful tools but can often have some limitations for the specific tasks of warehouse management. That’s why SAP Business One lets you add a range of extra integrations, including solutions from Produmex. Produmex gives you the tools you need to efficiently manage your warehouse with clear real-time visibility and traceability over your goods and advanced inventory management. 


Chemicals businesses – opportunities to engage with Thinc 

If you’re a business operating in the chemicals industry, you may be interested in a couple of opportunities we have coming up to learn more about warehouse management tools and strategies: 

  • CHEMUK 2024 (15-16 May) – we’ll be exhibiting at this annual expo with a fun interactive demo of Boyum’s technologies. If you’re attending, we’d love to meet you. 
  • Free webinar: Effective strategies for managing complex supply chains (28 May, 1pm) – co-hosted by the Chemical Business Industry, this session will see our consultants James Peel and Adam Shilton share their insights and advice on how to make supply chain management more efficient. 


We’re looking forward to sharing practical tips and recommendations on how technology can help businesses in this sector succeed – we hope to see you there! 


Looking for help with efficient warehouse management? 

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