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Welcome to the new era of ERP

The UK’s fastest-growing companies all share similar DNA

This became more apparent than ever when researching for Thinc’s Scale-Up series, a collection of insights examining the practices of high-performing leaders and companies.

Fast-growth companies are commonly built around a robust technological core, almost acting as the spine of the organisation. This core provides structure and solidity for the entire organisation. But crucially it is also flexible, just like the human spine, allowing these fast-growth companies to flex and adapt rapidly when required.

Mark Robinson’s seminal report Thinking Adaptive Resilience predicted organisations with these traits would thrive in the modern world. This has been evidenced repeatedly in the companies we work alongside.



“Adaptive Resilience is the capacity to remain productive and true to core purpose whilst absorbing disturbance and adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances.”

Mark Robinson
The Arts Council

ERP, the core of fast-growth companies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software formed the spine of almost all the fast-growth organisations we consulted. Time and time again, it has been proven to be a critical business management solution for SMEs.

Traditionally, businesses have adopted ERP at key inflection points; planning for rapid growth, preparing for investment or during a merger or acquisition.

However, this mindset is changing. Leaders are recognising the landscape can change in the blink of an eye, so a business needs to be in a continual state of high alert and optimal performance.

The best ERP systems have been evolving too. A modern cloud-based ERP system can act as a platform that enables all aspects of your organisation to thrive.

“ERP replaces assumption with knowledge. It provides leaders with a single source of truth across the entire organisation” says Gary McKnight, Head of Sage Practice, Thinc.

“Cloud ERP systems can also integrate and analyse data from third-party software and hardware.”

“By centralising business information, making it real-time, and empowering people with greater insight, leaders can unlock better, faster, more accurate decision making across the entire organisation.”

Cloud ERP solutions elevate people’s performance across an entire organisation.

They help talented people break free from the daily grind of routine tasks, encouraging them to invest their time instead in more strategic and rewarding activities.

This combination of human creativity and cutting-edge cloud technology is helping modern organisations thrive. ERP is not only part of this approach, but it is arguably central to it. And in such, ERP is set to have its greatest moment.

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