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5 step digital acceleration framework for finance

75 Pages | 5 Chapters | Templates | Worksheets | Bonus Framework
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In an ever-evolving digital landscape, finance professionals must stay ahead of the curve. 

Introducing The 5 Step Digital Acceleration Framework for Finance, a comprehensive eBook tailored for those keen to drive digital innovation in 2023.

This framework provides an in-depth exploration into how you can accelerate your digital strategy as a finance pro, without having to rely on IT. 

Starting with a focus on objectives, you’ll gain insights into enhancing your existing systems, ensuring maximum performance. Learn how to upskill your team, ensuring they leverage your technological infrastructure to its fullest potential. Delve into how to implement new systems, when optimising isn’t enough, and explore future technologies that will keep your strategies fresh and competitive.

To further your strategic planning, the eBook offers ‘decision matrices’, providing step by step process flow to implement the framework. 

These workflows will guide you in determining whether tools need optimisation, replacement, or integration. Additionally, you’ll get dedicated worksheets to assist in each step of the framework’s application.

In just a few hours, you’ll be ready and accelerate your digital strategy for 2023 into 2024, targeting both personal and professional milestones to keep you ahead of the curve.

Embark on your digital transformation journey today. Download The 5 Step Digital Acceleration Framework for Finance and solidify your position at the forefront of financial digital strategy.

  • “Is this guide only for finance?” – Yes, there are a lot of finance use case, but the same methodology can be applied to other departments too.
  • “Will this really only take 2 hours” – Yes around 2 hours to use the decision flows and worksheets to define your strategy strategy.
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Start accelerating your digital finance strategy now

FREE 75 page eBook to help you become an expert in digital acceleration, without having to rely on IT. 
5 easy steps, less than 2 hours to a defined strategy.

What you’ll get:

  • Digital Objectives: Learn how to define the digital objectives that’ll drive maximum impact.
  • System optimisation: Learn how to optimise your existing setup, and eliminate the non-essentials
  • System integration: Find out when it’s time to integrate with templated process flows.
  • Upskilling: Spot the gaps in your existing skillset, and upskill with some useful resources.
  • Implementing new systems: Determine when’s the right time to implement new systems, define your objectives and learn how to build shortlists
  • Future Technologies: A methodology for keeping up to speed with future technologies, and what you need to consider.


  • Finance use cases: Specific use cases and examples for finance teams
  • Process Charts: Process chart templates for you to use straight away
  • Workbooks: For you to start putting the framework into practise
  • One-pager: The whole framework on one page.
  • BONUS: Communication framework.

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